Menerangkan Pantun Terbaik – I am the sender of the letter. Yes, me. Student council president who much admired by women and only this time I admired woman. The woman was you. I hope you want to be a fixture in my life today and forever. “Rani made rigid with Kak Edo speech just now.

“Maybe a lot of people say that you’re not as pretty as Kak Salma (chairman cherrleaders), not as high as Kak Ratna (Member Paskibraka) or you do not selebih-more than anyone else, I do not care. Because.

of you, I know what love is. And, I hope you go back into that enhance people’s love. Mau kah, Rani? “Yes bro. I want to. “Rani’s answer is the answer ditungu awaited.”But, Sis. I’m not particularly a feature of any “Rani try modestly fact, everyone knows that he is an intelligent pupil.

Both of them hugged each other as a symbol of the union of two hearts, accompanied by the sound of fireworks exploding in the sky. May our love like fireworks. Full of color and not boring Get out a few words from the mouth of.


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