Banyak Sekali Cerpen Yang Seharusnya Didengarkan – a lot of herbs that can be used as a traditional asthma medications. One of them is the cashew. A study showed that people with asthma have a low content of vitamin C in the body. Well, cashew with high content of vitamin C can be used to resolve the issue.


Cashew fruit consumption in patients with asthma can reduce breathlessness. Control your blood pressure High blood pressure are at risk increases the likelihood of having a stroke and heart disease. Cashew puisi sedih is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants can help reduce high blood pressure.


Reduce the risk of heart disease Atherosclerosis is a state in which heart arteries thicken. These conditions increase the risk of heart attack because blood flow is not smooth. Consumption of fruits that contain vitamin C as high as cashew can help overcome atherosclerosis in the heart.


Benefits of Guava Monkey as Traditional Medicine Besides consumed lagsung to get healthy benefits. Cashews can also be cerpen cinta processed into a kind of herb that is used to treat various diseases. Here is an example of a cashew processing plant for herbal medicine.


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