Biasa Dalam Cek Resi Pasti Ada Nomornya – In medicine, almost all parts of the cashew crop is efficacious as a medicine. His ability as a drug has been used in more than 23 countries. Cashew even included.


in the priority list of WHO as a medicinal plant which is most widely used in the world. In a scientific journal stated that the cashew kata kata romantis have efficacy in enhancing the ability of the brain and restore impaired brain function (memory loss, fatigue, s3ksual disorders, hallucinations, memory.


deterioration and so forth). The leaves are used topically to treat diseases of the skin or burns. The juice of the fruit skin in the form of oil can also be used to treat warts or ulcers. The roots of the cashew.


is used to treat diarrhea, thrush mouthwash to overcome and eliminate acne. Chemical Ingredients Cashew cashew  cek resi jne ability as a drug can not be separated from the chemical constituents present in it. Every part of the plant must have different properties and contents.


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