Dasar Pantun Yang DIpelajari – does not actually included in the family tree syzygium (Myrtaceae). This tree was more closely related to the mango tree (Anacardiaceae tribe). Famous of these plants is not the fruit, but the seeds are called cashews. However, the plant is also not among the.


legume family (Fabaceae). Cashew tree is medium-sized, with a maximum height can reach 12 meters. Not including the tree upright, branched more sideways but not dense because its leaves are quite rare. puisi sahabat What has been known to the public as the fruit (the soft part with a lot of water content) is not.


really a fruit. Rather basic open flowers after fertilization. Then referred to as artificial fruit. Parts of the original fruit is part of the hard-shelled nuts. Where there are seeds called ‘mete’.Buah cashew nuts are rarely used as commodities. Because it tastes so sweet and are often mixed with.


sour taste even astringent. But the original fruit, the ‘cashew nut’ This is a good export commodity. In addition it can be processed as a snack, have also been used as an important ingredient in the food pantun lucu industry. Usually used to decorate a cake or chocolate. Part young leaves used as either raw or steamed vegetables.


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