Menilai Cerpen Yang Dibuat Anak Anak – Assessing Short Stories That Made Kids – Benefits of the cashew is not limited to health and medicine alone. For any other field crops still has a lot of benefits.

As the adhesive agent Rod cashew crop is not so valuable both economically and medically. But we can still take advantage pantun jenaka of the cashew tree sap as adhesives to glue the books, etc. The sap is also efficacious as an anti-termite on wood.

kusen.Sebagai layers such as animal feed cashew fruit is not so economically valuable. But we can still use it as animal feed. Nutrients contained in them will make us healthy cattle.

As processed foods cashew fruit can also be processed as meal ingredients such as jam, jelly and preserves or syrup. Benefits Side cerpen lucu Effects of Guava Monkey cashew indeed very big both medically and economically. Especially peanuts metenya). But this plant also contains some toxins that are dangerous enough for concern, such as


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