Merupakan Puisi Yang Sangat Cerdas – variants of the most popular because it tastes very sweet, the seeds are small and sparse, as well as its durability is very good so that it can be used as an export commodity. Because that is spreading fast and his name is well-known fast to the outside of the fruit.

is more rounded than the negeri.Bentuk kokosan and tan. The color is paler. Cultivars of the most famous is Duku Palembang, Duku Duku Matesih and condet Judging from the tree, olive tree has a more slender puisi cinta with upright branching upwards. Greener leaf color and fruit color is yellow. Each fruit bunches filled by more grains so that the fruit is more like wine. In contrast.

to the fruit bunches duku sparsely. Because of its durability is not so good, not so tan peep as export commodities so that his name is less well-known and breeding origin so alone. Almost the same as lngsat, kokosan has a thin tree trunk.

branching upward and green leaf and fruit color is brownish yellow. Fruit bunches too tightly so that the cluster can be up to tens of fruit. Fruit skin is very thin and hard to peel. The pulp is also meeting and contain a lot of water. How to eat it too unique, that is by being bitten ends.

then sucked his (dikokos). Because that’s his name kokosan. Although it is small, but the nutrient content duku this can not be underestimated. As with other tropical fruits, Duku and varianya also rich antiksidan kata kata indah derived from vitamin C, vitamin B and several important minerals for the body. Here already we summarize duku regarding benefits and nutritional content.


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